The team here at Velo Pacific offers a friendly warm welcome to any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to you or your two wheeled machine. With over 30 combined years experience we will give you nothing but the most informed, open, and honest answers. Customer service is our number one priority and we will work tirelessly to get you back on the road and enjoying the sport we have come to love so much. MEET THE TEAM...


Dave Renaud-Operations manger at Velo Pacific that has over 10 years experience in the industry. He has worked at Helens, one of the top 10 retailers in the country, as a sales manager and buyer. Dave is an enthusiast of both the road and mountain categories. He is well informed and very passionate about the industry. 


Josue Ramirez-Master mechanic at Velo Pacific that has over 15 years experience in the industry. Also having worked at Helens he is well versed and extremely confident in all makes and models, road, MTB, BMX, cross, or cruiser. Josh also has a great eye and finesse when it comes to vintage bike restoration. He is extremely proficient when it comes to the latest electronic systems and newest technology regarding power metering. An enthusiast himself he is very helpful and welcomes any question you may have with your bike.


At Velo Pacific we believe in fine tuned machines…and making sure they stay running that way!

Whether it’s time for a thorough overhaul, quick tune-up, new bike build, custom wheel build, power meter installation or minor repair, we are prepared to work on your bike. Anything from a kids bike to a high end race your bike to our workshop… we guarantee it will be treated with the love it deserves.

 Overhaul Tune – $200

Description: Front and Rear Brake removed, Front and Rear Deraileur removed, Front and Rear hubs repacked, bottom bracket removed and repacked, brake pads inspected, cables inspected, drive chain clean, drivetrain and cables re-lubricated, complete bike cleaned and frame polished.

 Pro Tune – $125

Description: brake adjustment, derailleur adjustment, headset adjustment, crankset inspection, bottom bracket inspection, wheel inspection and true, hub adjustment, drive train clean and lube, tire inspection and pumped to right pressure, frame cleaned.

 Basic Tune – $75

Description: Front and Rear brake adjustment, Front and Rear derailleur adjustment, headset adjustment, crankset inspection, wheel inspection, Hub Adjustment, tire inspection.



Custom Bike Build mechanical – $200

Custom wheel build – $85

SRM/power meter install – $80

Tubular tire stretch and glue – $30 + Glue


NB: All parts additional to service fee.


 Great athletic performances are born out of a combination of athleticism, desire, and opportunity. To help you achieve your goals, we use a combination of science, technology, and a bit of art to insure you get the most out of your body. Proper biomechanics provide both power and comfort, but beyond the most comprehensive bike fit you can imagine, you’ll also be instructed as to why you fit to a bike the way you do, and you’ll leave with an understanding of how your body works, and how small changes can bring about significant improvement.  Discover for yourself why Long Beach Bike Fit is #1 and we'll make you a better athlete. 

Our fit specialist, Nate is going on his 6th year of bike fitting. As a professional cyclist himself he understands what makes a great fit and how to get you where you need to be in order to perform at your best. Nate is an enthusiast and has competed in all disciplines from road, to track, time trial, and mountain bike. With an in-depth understanding Nate will make sure to get you in your most comfortable and efficient position for any and all disciplines you choose to ride. For more information on our services and to make an appt. check out-