Velo Allegro Teams up with Velo Pacific...

     Two local institutions have joined forces to bring you the ultimate in everything that is "cycling in Long Beach!" Velo Pacific was looking for a way to reach further into the community both here and through out all of Southern California...Velo Allegro, which has been in existence since the late 90's has over 100 members and continually seeks to support and promote the sport of cycling by organizing group rides, promoting safe riding habits, coaching beginners and leading by example. As an integral member of the Southern California community, Velo Allegro also is involved in giving back to the community through various charitable organizations and events. With their visions aligned, VP and VA are combining their efforts to bring you the best possible experience and give back to the community that so fruitfully supports them. Stop by the shop and go check out Velo Allegros site...they're always looking for new members.  



     Our great relationships with our product partners allow for some pretty sweet perks...The Specialissima, Bianchis newest revolution in lightweight frames, was dropped off for a few of us shop guys to play with. All I can say is that the ride was simply incredible! With the frame coming in at 780gr Specialissima changes the game in the ultralight frame category thanks to the use of Countervail® integrated vibration cancelling system for cycling, developed for NASA by Materials Sciences Corporation. The new Bianchi's Countervail® ultralight carbon formula is specifically tuned to smooth out the inherent nervousness of ultralight frames. The bike has a lively pop and responsiveness when stepping on the pedals and maintains confidence while cornering at higher speeds. If you get the opportunity to test ride one of these bad boys...please, DO!!


     We work with a number of different clubs around the Long Beach area to build relationships within the local cycling community. The group seen here is the Corridor Recycling club otherwise known as the Long Beach Freddies. This was the inaugural ride of their newly designed team kit. If you see them out on the road throw a friendly wave or try and catch them if you can!